Time to Try Something New

Hi everyone Hi Mom and Dad (since I doubt anyone else will come across this). I’ve decided to try something new here and start a travel blog. By “start” I mean write this one post and see if I feel like continuing afterwards, and by “something new” I mean “new for me” not “a novel idea” because, let’s face it, there are a million other travel blogs out there that are about much more exotic places than London. Which brings me to my point. I’m moving to London.

For a little while, at least. In a couple of days my partner Sara and I are moving to the UK so she can attend grad school. We both quit our jobs and moved away from Boston (the US one) in preparation to live in London for the next year. We don’t know exactly where yet- we’ve been trying to find a flat online but none have satisfied our set of constraints, listed in order of importance: she likes it, I like it, and the rental agency actually emails us back. Actually, for some reason they only ever reply to Sara- I exclusively get ignored.

Now you may be saying “But Adam, what are you going to do all day while Sara is busy with school?” Well, first off, I’m glad you asked! Second, who are you and how did you come across this post without already knowing everything about me? Anyway, I’m also going to school, but I don’t expect it to be quite as rigorous as Sara’s program(me?). I’ve enrolled in jewel(le)r’s school, which should keep me busy a few days a week. I’ve messed around with jewel(le)ry a bit before- I’ve made lots of rings and earrings, and last year one of my quarantine projects was lost wax casting, which lent itself to some fun pieces. I’m also planning on writing more (hence, the blog), taking a ton(ne) of photos (which should also prove useful for the blog), and, of course, taking on some random electronics projects (which won’t help much for this blog but will hopefully generate some new content for the Projects page).

Well that’s it for now. We fly out in a few days, so if I decide to keep up with the blog you’ll probably see another entry in a week or so once we’re in London. I suppose I should conclude by saying “ta-ta!”

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