Project Update: dLux Light Meter

This one isn’t done by any means yet, but I wanted to write a short update. I don’t trust any of my light meters, so I decided to make my own. It uses a VEML7700 light sensor, Adafruit Feather M0, and Sharp Memory-In-Pixel display to measure light levels, calculate exposures, and display the results.

There’s a bunch of things wrong with it. First off- it’s too big. This was by design, to accommodate the Feather and display, and the final version will be much smaller. More concerningly, the readings are not very accurate. I’m working on a different sensing method for the next iteration, and hopefully it will be a little bit more reliable. The goal is to eventually have a nice, compact meter that reads accurately and has a long battery life. I’m also working on exposure logging, which would be an extremely helpful feature while working with film cameras. Overall, I’m very happy with the prototype (especially with the PCB, which was made courtesy of a sponsorship by PCBWay) and am already starting work on the next version.



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