Hi, I’m Adam.

tl;dr: i make stuff.

I’m an Engineer, Artist, Amateur Radio Operator, Writer, Web Designer, and Photographer. And more things that I’m probably forgetting as I type this. I have a very wide (and weird) set of interests, and this website is an ill-fated attempt to put them all in one place. Check out the pages above to see what I do, and please don’t hesitate to contact me at adam@zeloof.xyz if you have any questions!

I sell a few different things I’ve designed under the name Isotope Engineering, and for now at least this site will serve as a home for those products as well.

Looking for the smarter Zeloof Brother? Check out Sam’s site here: http://sam.zeloof.xyz.

Want to check out work from someone who is both a better developer and artist than I? You’re looking for my partner, Sara Adkins.